About me

About me

Landscape / portrait / event photographer

My name is Darran. Playing in my “dark room” as a child, I became interested in photography long before I ever owned a camera. In our small downstairs bathroom, I pulled the blind and set to work on developing my choisest work – drawn on paper with crayon. In my early teens, my brother bought me my first camera, a small Olympus compact. Quite a substantial upgrade over my previous equipment.

Since then I’ve been snapping away to my heart’s content. I maintain that the world is too incredible to fit into a frame. Or even, fully, into our own memory. Ever in joyful frustration at this awesome fact, it’s my own attitude to this art that I might hope to occasionally catch a shard and, (hopefully again) catch it well. A small detail, perhaps unnoticed in the scheme of things, to show that beauty can exist in an unexpected place.

I’m not altogether sure if I can properly articulate this, and at risk of sounding like a vague philosopher or someone whos head is away with the artsy fartsy fairies – I firmly hold that any time this occurs is a minor life-changing moment. Not quite to the same calibre of, say, a marriage or a conversion, but it’s significance isn’t negligible. I can say as far as myself, that any time I’ve been struck in awe to think “I did not realise that was so beautiful”, something has ultimately been changed inside. A mark has been left, the opposite of a scar – a small amount of life to take the place of my dulled nature. Beauty has entered in where it previously did not exist and a small conversion has taken place. Something previously poorly known has shown it’s true colours, drawn the mind out of itself and the intellect a step closer to reality. 

This is the goal I have in mind with photography and I can’t say that I ever did this, or if ever, that I did it well. But, the possibility of that is precisely what I love about the art and always will.

Be sure to have a look at my recent work. Should you wish to get in touch, be sure to send me a message via the contact page.

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